Highly-available and secure corporate messaging system

Most companies do not have necessary skills or human and technical resources to manage and secure their messaging system. Optimails is a highly-available and secure service that can be used from everywhere.

No server, no license and pay-as-you-go

Optimails is a SaaS messaging system that does not require any server installation and maintenance nor license agreement. Every month, user gets invoice based on his use of the service. Thus, you only pay for your actual consumption that can be adapted in real time.

How does it work?

At your office or on business travel, Optimails offers your users a secure solution to instantly access their mailbox, calendar and contact list. Thanks to secure administration console, the administrator can manage the options of the Optimails service.

The messaging security solution, e-securemail, is included in the Optimails solution. Therefore, Optimails users benefit from an efficient and evolving anti-spam and anti-virus solution against email threats.

Service-level Agreement

Since our customers want to focus on their core business we guarantee the quality of our services. Every Optimails user benefits from detailed Service-level Agreement (SLA). Any infringement to SLA triggers financial penalties.

SLAs granted by Secuserve for Optimails:

  • Availability rate of messaging system is 99.95%
  • Availability rate with mail relay is 100%
  • Processing time for an email is below 60 seconds*

Secuserve also guarantees your system security:

  • Anti-virus protection is 100%
  • Anti-spam protection is 99%
  • False positive rate is below 0.02% (i.e. 1 message out of 500 000 is falsely considered as a spam)

* For a message not exceeding 2 Mo

Our news

  • “We have considered several solutions and services and have eventually chosen e-securemail from Secuserve.”

    Mrs HOLMES,
    Community of Communes of SAINT QUENTIN EN YVELINES


  • Groupe Moniteur
  • Constructys
  • IRD
  • DHL