Perfectly completing your email marketing platform

To support your marketing strategy and to optimize your ROI, Optimailing offers additional features.

Web Analytics

After you have executed your emailing campaign, the Webanalytics module allows you to see what pages of your website/message each of your contacts visited. You can, thus, analyze the behavior of your contacts and accurately assess ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Surveys and questionnaires

Optimailing user interface offers the possibility to create a questionnaire or organize a customer satisfaction survey. Thanks to this you will learn more about your customers and you will be able to enhance your database. Optimailing assists you at every stage of the process and let you free to make choices: from writing the questions, to exporting the results as well as gathering and displaying them.

Organizing promotional contests

Promotional contests stimulate your customers and enable you to enhance your customer database. Optimailing helps you organizing customized contests: rules, starting and ending dates, questions/answers, number of winners, etc. Your contacts may participate on your website or directly via the emails they received. New data are automatically added to the Optimailing database and can be used for your future marketing campaigns. Make your viral marketing campaign successful! Encourage people to sponsor new participants to increase their chance of winning.

Connection to your existing systems

Our API allows you to establish a permanent connection between the database of the Optimailing platform and your CRM and ERP databases as well as any existing system. Connection is secure and allows constant data transferring between both systems. Thus, you will be homogenizing your various databases. Moreover, the interaction between Optimailing and your CRM and ERP improves your marketing campaigns.

SMS campaigns

Use same tools for your SMS campaigns as the ones you already enjoy with our emailing solution: from composing message to consulting statistics. Thanks to this multi-channel approach your company will look innovative and your marketing campaigns will be more successful.

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  • “Reliability of the implemented infrastructure, quality of the filtering services and the user-friendly administration console were the main reasons why we finally chose Secuserve and their e-securemail solution.”



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