Features that will improve your business relations

The efficient and user-friendly web user interface of Optimailing allows you to organize your email communication very easily.

Contact list management

An unlimited number of criteria can be attached to each of your contact. You can then use a combination of these criteria to segment your contact list. You can also segment a list according to previously sent messages.

Creating HTML messages

Thanks to our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and to real-time preview you do not need programming skills to create a beautiful HTML message. Use dynamic customization to insert your contact personal data (first name, surname, asserted interest for one of your product, etc.) in the body of your message.

Split Testing

Testing different samples of your contact list is the easiest solution to increase your click-through rate. Depending on what contents get the highest response rates you can adapt your emails to make your campaigns more successful.

Managing emailing campaigns

You only have to set, sequentially or not, the sending dates and hours you want for each of your campaign. Response statistics can be checked in real time.

Automatic message sending

Throughout the duration of a contract, you can schedule automatic message sending according to two sets of criteria – fixed or based on past use of the service. For instance, you can set a welcome email or implement a loyalty program.

Usage statistics

Indicators and statistical reports are available after every campaign and for all your messages. These statistics provide valuable information about opportunities, clicks, shares on social networks and much more.

Online registration forms

Web user interface allows you to create and entirely customize registration forms for your email newsletter. All you have to do then is: getting the generated source lines of code and integrating them in your website where most appropriate.

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  • “The administration console of e-securemail offers a great variety of features and an appropriate granularity which enabled us to adapt it easily to our specific situation without downgrading the level of security and the quality of the service.”

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