3 solutions to improve your email security immediately

e-securemail solutions are rapidly installed and do not require any material, software or human investment. As soon as installation is completed, your employees are protected against threats. Thanks to administration console they can customize the security of their service.

e-securemail AS

The e-securemail AS service offers an efficient anti-spam filtering and protects your messaging server against various threats from the internet.

e-securemail PRO

Besides anti-spam filtering, e-securemail PRO version includes 4 complementary anti-virus engines. Thanks to incoming and outgoing message filtering you will neither receive nor send any virus.

e-securemail Continuity

Besides email relay and filtering (anti-spam and anti-virus), e-securemail Continuity guarantees messaging continuity.

If your messaging server suffers from a long-lasting downtime, your users can access a backup mailbox (with their regular email address) via Webmail, MailinFlash or any other mail user agent. This applies to on-premise or hosted messaging systems of any kind.

Fixing your main system does not prevent your users from working normally (sending and receiving emails).

Our news

  • “Reliability of the implemented infrastructure, quality of the filtering services and the user-friendly administration console were the main reasons why we finally chose Secuserve and their e-securemail solution.”



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