e-securemail is much more than a mere anti-spam filter

The e-securemail service is more convenient and improves users’ productivity. You can set an overall filtering policy for incoming and outgoing messages: viruses, spam, message size, kind of attachments, for each user or for the whole company. Users benefit from advanced features of threat management and auto-adaptative and auto-learning system.

Anti-spam filtering

Anti-spam filtering is achieved thanks to complementary technologies. These technologies have been developed by Secuserve R&D teams or by renowned technological partners:

  • G.R.E.A.T. (Geographic Reputation Enhanced Antispam Technology)
  • Bayesian spam filtering
  • RBL control
  • Expert systems based on the content of the message
  • Signature analyzing systems
  • URL analyzing systems
  • Lexical analysis

Every company has its own definition of what a spam is. Therefore, e-securemail includes an auto-learning system that gets you rid of administrative tasks and efforts. In addition, we have several mailboxes dedicated to gathering spams (Honey-Pot). Every new spam is analyzed so that next time e-securemail will detect it.

With our tool “Spamometer” filtered emails may be delivered, tagged, quarantined, deleted and audited, depending on their “spam potential” . The quarantine function for suspicious messages lets the user free, when necessary, to retrieve a false positive (an email wrongly considered as a spam). Moreover, to make spam management easier, each user is in charge of his mailbox quarantine function.

Content control

e-securemail enables you to define what kind of attachment can be sent and received (e.g. compressed file, encrypted file, video, image, music or program). Thus, you can define file management policies according to the type of files. If you eliminate non business-related or unwanted attachments you will save time and disk space. You will also optimize your bandwidth usage.

Ad filtering

e-securemail is an efficient filtering service protecting you against spam, viruses, phishing and other scams. It also stops advertising messages. As opposed to spam email advertising is legal; and more specifically when user has opted in. Email advertising may assume various forms: newsletter (from a retailer or a manufacturer), an informative email (contest or lottery) or a promotional offer.

The users’ mailboxes are littered with these bulk emails; just like with spam. This represents a significant indirect cost for the company: space storage, waste of time… These annoying messages cannot be compared with spam in the sense that their senders (most of the time companies specializing in emailing) abide by the law on sending bulk emails. However, from the user’s point of view this is nothing but spam.

Our ad filtering service deletes every commercial email before it gets to the user’s mailbox. However, user is free to authorize (i.e. include in his whitelist) some senders.

Advantages of our ad filter:

- Easy to use: Ad filter is always enabled and has auto-learning features.

- Immediate: Filtering is immediate because our service is based on proven analyses and technologies. Moreover, this ad filtering service does not require any preconfiguration from the user. Our service adapts automatically to the user’s habits.

- Visibility and efficiency: Thanks to our ad filter user enjoys perfect visibility regarding legitimate emails. User is free to use his mailbox again and as much as he wants without any email loss!

According to his internal policy, the administrator of the domain can block email advertising for the mailbox of some users or for every mailbox of the domain. We recommend using the Interactive Quarantines so that every user can move a solicited advertisement back to his mailbox when necessary and manage his whitelist.

Interactive quarantines

With “Spamometer”, emails that do not meet your filtering settings are tagged or quarantined. Thanks to the web-based user interface you can easily manage your quarantined messages: delete them, forward them or let them quarantined. Regarding spam, users manage themselves their quarantine area with an interactive report sent on a daily (or any specified frequency) basis or on demand. This gets you rid of false positives and administrative tasks.

Evolving whitelists and blacklists

To avoid administrative tasks and improve responsiveness whitelists are automatically generated and updated according to user activity and email traffic.

Actions of the users combined with Secuserve’s permanent Email Threats analyses help to reduce automatically the number of unwanted emails and eradicate the risk of false positives.

Message tracking

With the web user interface you can track every message sent or received by your domains. Full traceability enables administrators to provide end-users with highly-responsive services and to monitor service quality in real time: processing time, etc.

Reporting & Auditing

To allow you to monitor and audit your messaging system activity, e-securemail generates exhaustive and detailed activity reports such as:

  • Number of incoming and outgoing messages per hour, day and month.
  • Threat classification by type and geographical origin
  • Email traffic and use (recipients/senders)
  • Number and type of detected viruses…

These reports are available in real time on the internet and/or may be regularly sent by email.

Legal disclaimers

Legal disclaimers are customizable texts automatically added to incoming and outgoing messages. This allows you to legally protect your business with regards to message contents and to inform your contacts about your company’s news (product promotion, awards, new addresses, etc…).

Customize the settings

Every user is different. This is why e-securemail lets you set specific rules for some users or groups of users. You can, thus, implement an appropriate security policy for each user.

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