Email filtering and security solutions

Emails have become essential tools. Threats related to their use are real and constantly evolving: viruses, spam, phishing, email bombing, bandwidth saturation, messages that may damage your brand image and legal risk. Addressing all these threats requires knowledge and constant monitoring.

  • 97% of emails are spams (Secuserve – Review of the threats – 2011)
  • Everyday 5 to 10 new viruses appear on the internet

E-securemail guarantees an evolving protection and a constant email filtering solution, whatsoever threats may be.

Implement the security solution you want

Defining a messaging system security and utilization policy is necessary. However, implementing and managing such policies may be very tedious and requires lots of human, material and financial resources.

Very high-level security

A significant variety of complementary technologies scans every message so we can ensure optimal security. Those technologies are tested and updated on a regular basis.

  • Incoming and outgoing message filtering
  • 4 anti-virus engines
  • 16 anti-spam technologies complementing each others
  • Redundant technological infrastructures
  • Auto-adaptative and auto-learning system

How does it work?

All technological infrastructures of the e-securemail service are managed 24/7 in highly-available and secure datacenters. Every email your company may send and receive is redirected towards Secuserve. Emails are then automatically scanned, filtered and processed according to your security setting.


Service-level Agreement

e-securemail customers benefit from Service-level Agreement (SLA). Financial penalties are imposed on Secuserve if SLA is not respected:

  • Processing time for an email is below 60 seconds*
  • 100% anti-virus protection
  • 99% anti-spam protection
  • False positive rate is below 0.01% (i.e. 1 message out of 10 000 is falsely considered as a spam)

e-securemail guarantees the best possible protection, reduces your bandwidth usage and increases your users' productivity.

* For a message not exceeding 2 Mo

Our news

  • “Judging by the number of viruses and spams quarantined, e-securemail filtering service seems to be efficient. Our computers are no longer infected by viruses and our mailboxes are no littered with spams thanks to the spam filter provided by Secuserve.”

    Mr BLARD,


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