Storing emails

Few years ago emails were used only for short and trivial messages. They have progressively become administrative, commercial, fiscal or legal documents as important as mails before them. Their number and the need to store them have increased throughout the years.

Reducing the amount of information

Number of emails is increasing. And so is number of copies.

To reduce the amount of information, Archimails only stores one copy of every message (80% of emails are duplicate copies).

Email searching tool

Archimails enables basic search using date, author and keyword via a web browser. Thus, you can find rapidly the piece of information you need.

Gathering emails

Incoming emails pass through our servers that store all emails and attachments in a database. Your messaging system automatically sends a copy of every outgoing email to the Archimails platform.

Storing emails

Adding 1-Go blocks allows you to increase your mailbox capacity as much as you want. All your emails are stored for an unlimited time period. Moreover, multi-recipient emails are stored only once to limit disk space usage.

Consulting your records

A web-based user interface lets you consult your records anytime. Login and password authorizing access to emails will be allocated to each mailbox or group.

An administrator will also be allocated login and password so he can have an overview of your use of the Archimails service.

Platform organization

Emails are automatically stored according to incoming domain name. Incoming and outgoing emails are filed together to easily track a conversation.

An intuitive search tool helps you to find an email thanks to keyword, domain name, date, recipient, etc.

Restoring data

Once you have read the email and the enclosed document you can send them back to your mailbox with one click.

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  • “Our IT team is saving time, more relaxed and less worried about the security of our messaging system.”

    head of the IT Department for JLV


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