Store your messages without restriction

Emails have become more and more important and are now administrative, commercial, fiscal or legal documents as important as mails before them. Their number and the need to store them safely have rapidly increased.

There are lots of reasons to store emails

Here are some examples:

  • Store emails as you would store any important document of your company
  • Secure emails to protect them from quite frequent failures on personal computers
  • Include in your records the messages that may now be used to hold you liable (emails now have probative value)
  • Retrieve any piece of information buried in your computing system thanks to a file search tool

A solution to needs that have become quite common

An email archiving system mainly addresses three requirements:

  • Reducing the amount of stored information
  • Securing piece of information that have become strategic
  • Retrieving easily an old email, in particular for commercial or legal reasons

Astoundingly easy to use


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  • “The administration console of e-securemail offers a great variety of features and an appropriate granularity which enabled us to adapt it easily to our specific situation without downgrading the level of security and the quality of the service.”

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