SaaS solutions for your communication

For every difficulty you may encounter Secuserve has a turnkey solution that will meet all your requirements.

From security solution…

The first service Secuserve offered was a mail relay and filtering service to protect messaging systems from growing threats that are viruses, spam and inappropriate contents. Thanks to a redundant architecture and encryption we also ensure the confidentiality of your data and the availability of our servers. E-securemail, rigorously meets security requirements related to messaging systems: availability, confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation.

Universal System : Our antispam and filtering services are fully compatible with any kind of messaging systems : Office 365, Zimbra, MDaemon, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Google Apps(Gmail) ...

… to collaborative working solution

After offering security solutions, Secuserve started developing email continuity services (e-securemail Continuity) and messaging system (Optimails). Messaging system soon became Collaborative (calendar sharing, contact sharing, etc.) thanks to Optimails Exchange and Mobile (online secure access and synchronization with Smartphones) thanks to Optimails XXL and AirSync. The Mobile BriefCase function addresses the need to share files and store/send large file attachments. To keep up with modern means of communication our webmail interfaces MailinFlash! and Pronto!, include instant messaging, RSS feeds and social networks. To provide our customers with comprehensive means of communication, we recently started offering emailing campaign management (Optimailing), online virtual fax(Fax2Mails) or web conferencing (Optimeeting) services. The solutions we offer will enable you to organize your professional activity in perfect cooperation with your employees. Information circulates efficiently and your company can focus on its core business.

Service-level Agreement

Since 2003, Secuserve has been developing exclusively SaaS solutions for professional purpose. Secuserve has always been aware of the stringent user requirements that companies have. This is why Secuserve enters into Service-level Agreement.

Secuserve's commitment is genuine and is not a mere commercial speech. All our service contracts come along with the most stringent SLAs (Service-level Agreements) on the market. In the event Secuserve fails to maintain a minimum service quality you will be entitled to financial compensations.

Our news

  • “After conducting an in-depth market study and an evaluation of the main solutions we have eventually chosen French company Secuserve because for the same budget it offered a perfect user experience.”

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