Our expertise at your service

Secuserve provides you with secure communication services. From email to collaborative working, Secuserve meets all your needs and assist you as your business moves on.

Tailor-made assistance

Every one of our customers has specific needs. Secuserve adapts its services according to the priorities and expectations of each customer.

Professional services meeting your specific needs


Secuserve can take care of your emails, agenda and contact list migration right from the start. Transfer is carried out in such a way that the working conditions of your users will not be altered.

Training sessions

Secuserve provides training sessions so you can take full advantage of all our SaaS solutions. You can be an expert or not, a user or an administrator, Secuserve will train you on the topic of your wish at the right pace for you.

Technical support

Throughout our collaboration, you can reach our technical support teams, which will answer any of your questions. Your troubles are our troubles. We will do everything to solve your problem as fast as possible.

Our news

  • “Judging by the number of viruses and spams quarantined, e-securemail filtering service seems to be efficient. Our computers are no longer infected by viruses and our mailboxes are no littered with spams thanks to the spam filter provided by Secuserve.”

    Mr BLARD,


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