Technological partners

Secuserve is a very innovative and well-known company. As such, it is supported by famous technological partners chosen for their stability, leadership and technological edge.



PREMIUM technological partner for anti-virus analysis:

The anti-virus architecture of the e-securemail solution, which combines 4 scanning engines, is based on ESET, global leader in terms of anti-virus protection. A smart combination of several analysis methods allows quick identification of known threats. It also provides proactive threat detection. During our yearly comparison, ESET always comes out best IT security company thanks to its reliability, scanning speed and proven technologies.

Within our partnership, the ESET R&D team in charge of identifying viruses is constantly exchanging information with Secuserve Research Lab. The latter analyzes email threats throughout the year.



PREMIUM technological partner for security



PREMIUM technological partner for the network and the infrastructure




PREMIUM technological partner for the components of the messaging system


Our news

  • “We have considered several solutions and services and have eventually chosen e-securemail from Secuserve.”

    Mrs HOLMES,
    Community of Communes of SAINT QUENTIN EN YVELINES


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