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This website is published by SECUSERVE SAS.
Registered office: 125, rue Aristide Briand, 92300 Levallois-Perret.
Share capital: € 8,000.
Registration number: RCS Paris B 448 971 531
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Publication manager: Stéphane Bouché
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Website is hosted by the SECUSERVE Company.

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Documents published on this website, in particular images, diagrams, sound files and videos are copyrighted. Any use of the photographs, infographics, artworks, etc. that might be included in our documents or website – – and for which rights have not necessarily been paid for another publication, shall not infringe intellectual property rights of the authors or their beneficiaries.

Privacy policy

When visiting our website internet users may be required to share information via questionnaires, forms or when subscribing to our newsletter, contacting us or applying to our job offers.

Asterisked information fields are compulsory. Without such information SECUSERVE will not be able to process any request. Other fields allow us to know our visitors better and are, therefore, optional. There is no obligation to fill those fields.

SECUSERVE processes and uses the collected information to manage its accounts receivable, run statistical analyses and do marketing researches in order to offer tailored services and quality customer care.

SECUSERVE may send business proposals by phone, post or via email to visitors who did not opt out during data collection. Visitor can stop receiving business proposals from SECUSERVE, any time he wishes to, by sending an email to the webmaster. No charges will apply.

As part of a partial subcontracting agreement, collected information may be disclosed to third-party companies. Subcontractors agree to guarantee a reasonable level of security, confidentiality and protection of privacy and fundamental rights.

Pursuant to French law on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberties of January, 6 1978, web user may access, rectify, delete personal data relating to him or block their processing by sending an email to the webmaster.

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Any internet site or other medium is authorized to quote SECUSERVE’s website or include a hyperlink pointing to the content of said website. Authorization is granted to every internet site, excluding those with controversial, sexual or xenophobic content or which, in general, may be deemed offensive to the general public. Internet sites publishing contents that may harm SECUSERVE, its employees, customers or partners and/or damage its brand image are not permitted to create a link to SECUSERVE’s website. To create the link and prevent any breach of copyright, contact our communication department, which will send you our logo to illustrate the link and show the information comes from SECUSERVE’s website.

SECUSERVE shall not be held liable for the contents or practices of third-party internet sites that might include links to SECUSERVE’s website. This website also allows to access internet site of SECUSERVE’s affiliates. Visitors shall read privacy policies of each of the site they access.


In order to adapt our website to visitor’s requirements we collect data related to the number of visits, page views as well as visitor activity and return rate.

Statistical tool for website traffic measurement is generally based on the analysis of server logs. However, some pages may use “cookies”. In compliance with article 8.1 of Google Analytics general terms of use, SECUSERVE recommends its visitors to read said terms.

Web user can disable those cookies or delete them without causing any problem with regards to accessing our website. We suggest you read the Help of your web browser for more information on cookie notification or disabling cookies.

Our news

  • “Reliability of the implemented infrastructure, quality of the filtering services and the user-friendly administration console were the main reasons why we finally chose Secuserve and their e-securemail solution.”



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