Our technological expertise

It has been 10 years that Secuserve is specializing in providing and developing exclusively Saas, messaging and collaborative working solutions. This pioneer and specialist status, along with the creativity of our Research Lab gives us a unique technological edge.

A cutting-edge technical architecture

To carry out our mission we have developed and invested into a redundant architecture dedicated to messaging system management. The architecture is made of several server farms and dedicated systems in order to make sure your emails are received, processed and analyzed, delivered and store and to generate reports on your email traffic. Every single component (links, servers, networking hardware, security systems…) of our architecture is duplicated and mainly operates in a cluster. Thus, the observed availability rate of the technologies providing email security and messaging services is 99.999%.

R&D and operating teams are regularly improving our services so that new standards, communication and security protocols are integrated. Services are also improved to anticipate future needs in terms of size and number of emails as well as technology. Precise monitoring tools and the careful attention of our operating teams allow us to manage and oversee 24/7 the architectures that provide our services.

Our datacenters: powerful means for email processing


Secuserve set up several datacenters in France and Europe. Our datacenters are located in the most important internet nodes. They are highly-secure locations dedicated to strategic and sensitive computer systems. Access is strictly controlled via badges and CCTV cameras.

We dual feed the power supply of our datacenters and have backup generator sets with long autonomy (3 weeks). Standards related to protection and strength of materials, fire safety and air conditioning reach perfection. The redundancy of our datacenters is also guaranteeing the very-high availability of our infrastructure.

SLAs and Reporting – Traceability

For all our services we enter into stringent Service-level Agreements (SLAs). These SLAs include financial penalty clauses: effectiveness of anti-virus and anti-spam protection, availability of the services, processing and delivering times of email, etc.

In addition, all our services give you access to a feature-rich and online administration console. The console allows you to track and follow your messages very accurately. Exhaustive graphs and statistical tables complement the variety of unique features our solutions offer. Thus, our customers can enjoy and assess the quality of the service we provide.

Our news

  • “We have considered several solutions and services and have eventually chosen e-securemail from Secuserve.”

    Mrs HOLMES,
    Community of Communes of SAINT QUENTIN EN YVELINES


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