About Secuserve

Founded in 2003, Secuserve is the first French software vendor to provide on-demand services related to messaging systems and email security solutions on the internet. Since then, Secuserve has been dedicating all its experience in SaaS to its customers. They know it and they have stayed with us. Nowadays, Secuserve is renowned for its knowledge in terms of SaaS and messaging, for the excellent support it provides its customers with regarding outsourcing projects and for the quality of its services.

Definitely SaaS-oriented

The services offered by Secuserve are exclusively « turnkey » solutions. We aim at getting you rid of difficult monitoring tasks, investing in hardware and software maintenance. Every Cloud solution we have developed perfectly addresses the triple requirement of cost reduction, increased productivity and variety of features. You can then focus on your core business. Few years ago Secuserve played a role in the beginning of SaaS (Software as a Service). Today Secuserve keeps on designing new and innovative services. In the future Secuserve will assist you with outsourcing projects.

An innovating company

Innovation is a core value for Secuserve. With e-securemail, Secuserve has been the first French company to develop anti-spam filtering solution on the Cloud. With Optimails it has also been one of the first to offer a collaborative messaging system. Secuserve keeps on launching new Cloud-based applications on a regular basis. Since its foundation all its profits have been invested in developing innovative products for businesses. Our research lab answers the needs of our customers and uses customer feedback to improve our offer.

Service-level Agreement

We are in charge of the most sensible data of your company: data sent and/or received via emails. To make sure SLA is respected, Secuserve is being proactive and uses a significant amount of technical and human resources. Serenity, traceability and availability this is the motto of our SaaS solutions that are hosted and monitored 24/7 by our highly-trained engineers.

Customer satisfaction as a religion

Thanks to our financial independence we report to our customers and only them. This independence strengthens our dedication towards customers. We are proud to work with SMEs as well as with big companies. We are flexible and highly responsive. We, thus, overcome our customer expectations. Secuserve assists you according to your need at every stage of the process from project study to administrator and user training, through data migration.

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  • “The administration console of e-securemail offers a great variety of features and an appropriate granularity which enabled us to adapt it easily to our specific situation without downgrading the level of security and the quality of the service.”

    Louis Dreyfus Armateurs


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