Investor relations

Regarding its vision and the technology it delivers, Secuserve is a very innovative company. Nonetheless, it also pays great attention to the quality of its management and customer relationship.

Our vision

  • Providing as many people as possible with quality services
  • Being Glocal: GLObal service development and delivery, loCAL operations and sales
  • Reducing costs for our customers with exclusively SaaS solutions
  • Email security solutions >>> messaging >>> communication and collaboration as a service

A few milestones:

  • June 2003 : Secuserve Sarl is founded in Paris by Stéphane Bouché and Philippe Rèbre
  • July 2003 : e-securemail v1.0, first French email filtering service, is launched
  • November 2004 : Optimails v1.0, first French collaborative messaging service, is launched
  • October 2005 : Starting development of ABS technology (Anti-Bombing System)
  • June 2006 : 10,000 users take advantage of our services
  • December 2007 : e-securemail v3.0 is launched
  • May 2008 : Great (Geographical Reputation Enhanced Anti-spam Technology) is added to e-securemail
  • November 2009 : 1,500 companies are customers of Secuserve. Win a 6,000-mailbox contract with a worldwide coverage 24/7
  • December 2010 : Site in Lyon opens. Fax2Mails is launched.
  • June 2011 : Optimailing V1.0 (email campaign management service) and Pronto ! PRO (thin client based on Adobe Air) are launched.
  • May 2012 : New distributors in Africa. New website.

Sustained growth

Since Secuserve has been founded in 2003 its turnover has been growing every year between 20 and 30%. Number of employees follows the same trend.
Secuserve was first operating mainly from its headquarters in Paris. In 2010, it opened an office in Lyon. Today Secuserve is providing services to more than 2,000 companies and has more than 100 certified resellers and distributors in France and abroad.


Financial stability and solvency

Most of Secuserve Share capital is held by the executive team. Since its creation Secuserve has always been profitable and financially balanced. To sustain its growth rate Secuserve massively reinvests its profits in R&D to find technological innovations for its services.

Our news

  • “Reliability of the implemented infrastructure, quality of the filtering services and the user-friendly administration console were the main reasons why we finally chose Secuserve and their e-securemail solution.”



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