Executive team

Secuserve executive team combines technical skills with great sales force. In addition, it benefits from a lot of experience in computer and messaging system security. The motivation, the love for innovation and the efficient organization of our teams are the main reasons why we are successful.

Stéphane Bouché, Founder and President

Stéphane sets the strategic orientations of Secuserve. Before he founded Secuserve Stéphane was head of Activis in Southern Europe for the Articon-integralis group (first European software vendor to offer managed security services). He has been working for more than 20 years in the computer security industry and messaging system industry either for vendors or system integrators (Integralis, Omniset). In 2005, as an active member of the C.L.U.S.I.F (French Society for Computer Security), he co-signed the white-paper “security of the electronic messaging system”. In addition, with Secuserve research lab he initiated the “Annual Report on Email Threats in France”.

Besides his graduation from a business school, Stéphane benefits from his education in commercial computing and total quality management, which complete his professional experience.



Mickael Maillot, Chief Technology Officer

Mickael graduated from the I.N.S.I.A with a Master of Science in Engineering. He has been working for Secuserve since its creation and is one of the main contributors in designing our products and completing the highly-redundant architecture, A.R.A.M.I.S. It is only naturally he took head of the technical department to keep on stimulating the innovative mind of Secuserve engineers. In his free time he officially contributes to the FreeBSD operating system. He is an official programmer for XBMC and takes part in numerous open source projects.


Eric Roland, Sales Director

Eric has been sales director for Secuserve since 2010. Before joining Secuserve he contributed to developing business opportunities for various software vendors (Criston, Stonesoft, Alcatel) and famous distributors (g2r, Ares, Computerlinks, Sec-it).

Specializing in the sales of complex infrastructure projects within heterogeneous environments, Eric has since 2009 completely understood the SaaS specificities as well as expectations and ROI of the market. Implementing a reliable business plan he developed a network of certified and motivated resellers. Eric is also in charge of key account projects – with public authorities and big companies – that he carries out coordinating the different departments of Secuserve.


Our news

  • “Reliability of the implemented infrastructure, quality of the filtering services and the user-friendly administration console were the main reasons why we finally chose Secuserve and their e-securemail solution.”



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