Much more than a mere fax machine

Thanks to Fax2Mails you can use any device connected to the internet to receive faxes and send faxes and SMS messages as if they were emails.

Receiving fax

Receiving a fax is as simple as receiving an email. Use the web user interface to allocate a fax number to a mailbox. You will receive every fax as an attachment file in your mailbox. Thus, you can access your faxes from anywhere.

Sending fax

Sending a fax is as simple as enclosing a document to an email. You might need to write an accompanying text. Send message to fax number followed by “”. You will then receive acknowledgement of receipt.

Sending SMS message

To send a SMS message, proceed as with emails and enter in the recipient field the phone number followed by “”. You can of course enter several recipients.

Managing your use

Besides specifying parameters, the online administration console allows you to manage every employee’s individual use. You can increase or decrease your users’ sending quotas with one click.

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  • “Our IT team is saving time, more relaxed and less worried about the security of our messaging system.”

    head of the IT Department for JLV


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