Finally! Faxes as easy to use as emails

Fax2Mails is a convenient and user-friendly unified communication solution for sending faxes and SMS messages and receiving fax via the internet. Do not get annoyed with fax machine any longer. Fax2Mails does not require any installation and is set up in a few minutes.

A fax number (you can keep former number) is allocated to your mailbox. This allows you to receive and send fax by email with same legal value.



Save money: send fax by email

Fax2Mails helps you reducing various expenditures:

  • No material investment
  • No software installation
  • No more telephone subscription
  • No more ink and paper purchase
  • Junk faxes are no longer printed
  • Storing requires less room

Be multi-channel

Besides sending and receiving faxes, Fax2Mails allows you to send SMS messages via email. Remind a contact of a meeting or inform your customers about your products. Fax2Mails adapts to every message format. In addition, it gets you rid of typing and sending difficulties you may encounter when multi sending from a cell-phone.

Our news

  • “Judging by the number of viruses and spams quarantined, e-securemail filtering service seems to be efficient. Our computers are no longer infected by viruses and our mailboxes are no littered with spams thanks to the spam filter provided by Secuserve.”

    Mr BLARD,


  • Louis Dreyfus
  • Constructys
  • Simmons
  • Century 21